1. Members must carry their permit at all times whilst fishing and must produce it when asked to do so by a bailiff, other permit holder or police.
  2. No brown trout fishing from 7th October to 14th March inclusive.
  3. Any member found fishing using illegal methods, fishing out of season, foul hooking or attempting to foul hook fish will be immediately banned from Association waters.
  4. Any member found behaving in an anti-social manner will have their membership cancelled.
  5. All fish less than 12 inches must be returned irrespective of their condition.
  6. Use of gaff, prawn and live minnow is strictly prohibited.
  7. Two fish limit per calendar day on Whitefield Pond thereafter catch and release.
  8. No Sunday fishing for migratory fish.
  9. Litter and discarded tackle to be properly disposed of.
  10. No fishing on Whitefield Pond during the hours of darkness.
  11. Fly fishing only on Whitefield Pond.
  12. Salmon/sea trout season runs from 11th February to 31st October – dates inclusive.
  13. Catch and release of all migratory fish from 1st September.