Fishing should be enjoyable and fun and it is!  However as with any sport and particular as it involves water there are some health and safety aspects to be aware of. 

Please be aware of the following when fishing:

  • Please wear a hat and glasses to protect your head and eyes especially when fly fishing (polaroids are also excellent at seeing into the water) 
  • A flotation device or life jacket is highly recommended when near water
  • Members of the public are curious and may come close. Please be aware especially on your back cast
  • Always check for deep water and sloping or steep banks
  • If wading, identify a suitable entry and exit points before entering the water
  • Watch for overhead power lines and obstacles around you e.g. trees, bushes etc.
  • Always look for rising water (mark levels with a stick if unsure)
  • Carry a mobile phone and a first aid kit
  • Let others know when you are due home
  • Be aware of existing health conditions and ensure that you have appropriate medications with you
  • Do not take alcohol or drugs when near water